Hilmar Launches PROtelyze Extend for Bars

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Softer Bars, Extended Shelf Life

Hilmar, CA. July 13, 2023. Hilmar Cheese Company, Inc., is launching a new product aimed at the Sports and Healthy Living nutrition markets. Hilmar PROtelyze™ Extend is a high-quality hydrolyzed whey protein isolate intended for nutrition bars. It boosts protein content while ensuring a desirable texture throughout shelf life.

Consumers are taking health and wellness into their own hands, with higher protein intakes being a driver of this effort. But all proteins are not created equal. A growing number of better-for-you foods are fueled by whey proteins, which are high-quality, readily digestible proteins derived from milk that consumers appreciate for their ability to provide a power boost. Consumption of these proteins is often through nutrition bars due to their convenience and variety of flavors.

“The challenge with all protein bars is that they harden on the shelf. This is because proteins pick up moisture over time,” said Qiqi Peng, Applications Manager at Hilmar. “This impacts consumer experience, shelf life expectations and overall product economics.” Even among whey proteins, there are differences, especially in bars. Mainstream whey protein concentrates and isolates often produce chewier textures, while milk protein concentrates and isolates tend to develop shorter textures. This is one of the reasons why bar innovators use a combination of dairy proteins to achieve the desired texture and mouthfeel.

Hilmar PROtelyze Extend provides a boost in protein content and keeps the bar soft for a longer period of time than bars without it. And the bland flavor does not affect the bar’s sensory attributes. Formulators may also be able to use less Hilmar PROtelyze Extend, combined with a less expensive WPI to achieve the same results with lower costs.

To request a sample of Hilmar PROtelyze Extend click here or contact your Hilmar Sales Manager for more details.

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Hilmar delivers on the life-changing power of dairy

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New brand identity integrates cheese and ingredients, reflecting a commitment to improving lives together.

Hilmar, CA. July 13, 2023. Hilmar Cheese Company, Inc., one of the largest cheese manufacturers in the U.S. and a global supplier of high-quality whey ingredients, today unveiled a new company logo and brand identity. The company is unifying under the brand name, HilmarTM. This evolution further supports its purpose of “improving lives together” by delivering on the full nutritional and economic value of dairy.

“The new identity aligns with the company’s expanding role in the markets it serves,” said David Ahlem, Hilmar’s president and chief executive officer. “When the company started in 1984, the founding dairy farm families were simply looking for a more equitable way to compensate dairy farmers and bring quality products to market. Now we are a leading global supplier with a passion and commitment to the future reflected in our new look,” Ahlem said.

“We’re proud of our heritage, and those core values of fairness, ethical business conduct and commitment to quality dairy products are deeply embedded in Hilmar. Our reach and impact stretch far beyond our plants,” he said.

Hilmar’s new brand identity reflects its commitment to “improve the lives of everyone we touch, including consumers, customers, business partners, employees and the communities where we live and work,” Ahlem said. “We believe we’ve just begun to tap the full life-changing power of dairy.”

The introduction of the new HilmarTM brand identity also marks the integration of the company’s cheese and ingredients businesses. Ahlem said that in 2004 the company built and promoted a dedicated ingredient brand.

“Today, however, we’re well known for both cheese and ingredients. So, we want to put all our strategic thinking and investment behind one master brand,” he added. “Whether its cheese or ingredients, our intent is to build on our heritage and find innovative, new ways to use the power of dairy to improve lives.”

The new logomark features a milk droplet that’s being split into two products: cheese and whey ingredients. The design also reflects the concepts of nature, farmland and sustainability. “We take our role as stewards of the land and environment seriously,” Ahlem said. “This new brand reflects our commitment to investing in technologies and processes that reduce our carbon footprint and make efficient use of all our resources.”

The new logo went live on the company website July 12 and will be highlighted in the company’s exhibits at the IFT FIRST: Annual Event and Expo July 16-19, 2023 and the CheeseExpo in April 2024.

About Hilmar ™

Hilmar Cheese Company, Inc. uses the power and promise of dairy to improve lives together. We provide health and nutrition for consumers, contribute to brand success for our customers, create opportunities for employees, support independent milk producers and improve the communities where we live and work. With a focus on collaborative product innovation, real-time scalability and a progressive approach to sustainability, Hilmar TM is a global leader in efficiently producing functional cheese and whey ingredients at scale. We deliver high-quality products to customers in more than 50 countries. Founded in 1984, Hilmar operates manufacturing plants in Hilmar, California and Dalhart, Texas. A third state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Dodge City, Kansas, will open in 2024. For more information, visit www.hilmar.com and Linked In @Hilmar.

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Hilmar Breaks Ground on Production Facility in Dodge City, KS

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Hilmar, Calif. September 30, 2022

Hilmar Cheese Company, Inc. broke ground today on the site of its future state-of-the-art cheese and whey protein processing plant in Dodge City, Kansas.

The new facility is expected to create 250 new jobs and represents more than $600 million in capital investment.

Hilmar Cheese Company is one of the world’s largest producers of high-quality American-style cheese and nutritious whey products with customers in more than 50 countries. Founded in 1984 by 12 local dairy farm families in the Central Valley of California, Hilmar added a production facility in Dalhart, Texas in 2007. The privately owned company currently employs more than 1,500 local residents of those two locations.

Attending the groundbreaking ceremony were Kansas Governor Laura Kelly, Senator Jerry Moran, Dodge City Mayor Kent Smoll, Chairman of the Ford County Commissioners Chris Boyd and many other officials and community members. Hilmar’s board of directors, executive team and employees were also on hand to celebrate.

“The Hilmar project is a game-changer for southwest Kansas in terms of job growth, opportunity and lifestyle benefits for those living in Dodge City and surrounding communities,” Governor Laura Kelly said. “My administration is focused on ensuring prosperity reaches all parts of the state, and I couldn’t think of a better company to join us here. Welcome to Kansas!”

“We are excited about this partnership with Dodge City,” stated David Ahlem, President & CEO of Hilmar Cheese Company. “This community has a local and skilled labor force, a supportive and expanding agricultural region, and an excellent transportation network. It is a great location to invest in the future.”

“Kansas is a growing dairy state and a prime location for Hilmar Cheese Company’s new processing plant,” said Senator Moran. “Hilmar Cheese recently participated in my Conservation Tour in western Kansas, and they will be a great partner in creating new jobs and bolstering Kansas’ dairy generational dairy farms while remaining committed to sustainability.”

Hilmar Cheese Company has adopted the U.S. Dairy Stewardship Commitment and goal to achieve a Net Zero dairy industry by 2050. The Dodge City facility will incorporate the latest technology and advancements in conservation and sustainability. A state-of-the-art instrumentation and control systems will minimize the water needed to keep the plant clean and minimize energy usage. Recycled water will be used further in processing protein, to clean the facility and equipment, and to reclaim waste heat. The equipment will utilize the latest technology, such as upgraded spray nozzles for more efficient cleaning. The process will reuse rinse water. The latest equipment, instrumentation and automated controls technology will reduce overall energy use.

The sustainability effort continues throughout the site with native and drought tolerant landscaping. These features will decrease Green House Gas (GHG) footprint and minimize water use.

Speaking at the groundbreaking, Hilmar Cheese Company Chairman of the Board, Jim Ahlem praised the local support for the project, citing Kansas Department of Commerce, Department of Ag and Department of Transportation; the City of Dodge City, Ford County, Dodge City/Ford County Development Corporation, Black Hills Energy, Victory Electric, United Tel•Com, Dodge City Public Schools USD 443, Dodge City Community College and area agricultural producers.

“The effort to locate in Dodge City has been a collaborative effort of many organizations,” he said. “We are grateful to all who have helped bring us to this wonderful community.”

Chairman of the Ford County Commissioners, Chris Boys shared, “The impact to our region has started with construction and will compound significantly with dairies, transportation and services that will be required to support the processing facility.”

“Hilmar Cheese is a great addition to our community. The company has strong cultural values and a focus on stewardship. Working together, Dodge City will be able to grow our wastewater use for crop irrigation and renewable biogas production,” added Major Kent Small.

Local leaders cited Hilmar Cheese Company as a valued partner and welcomed the company to the Dodge City community. The Company offers competitive wages, great benefits, and training along with long-term career growth opportunities. The company supports local events, education and health care. Hilmar Cheese Company’s annual scholarship program awards students of its employees, milk producers, and community scholarships to support continuing education. The company’s California Visitor Center and its exhibits at the Texas XIT Museum are visited by thousands of students on field trips each year. This focus helps to improve local lives.

During the ceremony more than ten pieces of site preparation equipment were moving dirt in the background. Hilmar Cheese Company is working with contractor Ryan and Co., design consultants Bennets & Pless, Randal Paulson and Olsson and process design consultant IGRL.

“We are excited to ‘get the heck into Dodge’ and be part of the Sunflower State,” concluded Ahlem.”

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52 Students Benefit from Hilmar Cheese Company, Inc. Scholarships

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Hilmar, CA. April 6, 2023

Fifty-two students demonstrating community involvement and academic performance will each receive a scholarship toward their higher education through Hilmar Cheese Company’s annual scholarship program. This program helps fulfil Hilmar Cheese Company’s purpose to improve lives.

The scholarship program awarded $40,000 in five categories. Twenty children of employees of Hilmar Cheese Company, three Hilmar Cheese Company Visitor Center part-time staff, and five children of the dairy farm families who ship milk to Hilmar Cheese Company received scholarships. Twenty students pursuing an agricultural major living in the counties where the company is located also received scholarships. This last category is for students not affiliated with the company; but dedicated to the agricultural industry and living in Merced or Stanislaus counties in California or Dallam or Hartley counties in Texas.

Four part-time visitor center employees also received a renewal scholarship to help continue their education.

The Hilmar Cheese Company scholarship program reflects the company’s ongoing support of higher education and its commitment to employees, dairy farm families, the California and Texas agricultural industries and the communities where we operate.

Qualifying students are encouraged to apply November 1 through February 1, 2024. For more information about Hilmar Cheese Company’s scholarship program, visit the About Us section.

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Hilmar Wins Whey Protein Awards

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Hilmar, CA. April 10, 2023

Hilmar Cheese Company, Inc. was awarded top honors at the April 6, 2023 CheeseCon banquet celebrating the United States Championship Cheese Contest.

“We are thrilled with this recognition for our whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate,” stated Kyle Jensen, Vice President Global Sales and Marketing. “It is the first year we have entered this prestigious competition and these awards are a true testament to the dedication and expertise of our teams to produce high-quality, consistent product to meet the needs of our customers.”

Hilmar™ 8000 took first place in the Whey Protein Concentrate 80 category. The judges commented that it was “very clean.” Hilmar 8000 is a highly functional 80% whey protein concentrate ideal for a variety of food and nutritional applications for basic fortification. It is derived from fresh, sweet dairy whey processed by a special cross-flow filtration process and spray dried. Hilmar 8000 is a good source of high-quality protein to improve performance and overall health and well-being.

Hilmar™ 9000 Whey Protein Isolate took third place in the Whey Protein Isolate 90 category. Hilmar 9000 is a 90% whey protein isolate with a neutral flavor and favorable mineral profile. It provides acid heat stability, high protein, low lactose and low fat content for use in bars and acidic beverages. With superior nutritive value, Hilmar 9000 is ideal for protein fortification.

Muthu Ramanathan, Hilmar’s Ingredients Technical Manager proudly accepted the award on behalf of the Hilmar team.

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