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Low Moisture White Cheddar

Semi-hard with very firm, smooth body and a mild flavor that sharpens as it ages.

High Solids White Cheddar

Uniform, creamy white cheese with a firm body and mild flavor ideal for use as a process cheese ingredient where high levels of intact casein are required.

Low Salt Cheddar

Semi-hard cheese with very low salt content that provides a different flavor profile that begins mild and sharpens with age.

Low Salt Mozzarella

Very low salt, low moisture, part skim Mozzarella has a mild flavor with a firm, slightly open texture.

PF Cheddar

A natural, semi-hard cheese, colored using beta-carotene with firm, smooth body and mild flavor that sharpens with age.


A natural curd frozen for future use in stretched curd applications that would typically be used to produce “Pasta Filata” style cheese when thawed.

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