Unlocking the
Power of Protein

Hilmar provides proteins to consumer brands to support their changing needs for product innovation.
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Valuable Proteins

Hilmar creates specialty proteins in the form of whey concentrates, isolates, hydrolysates and unique protein fractions to meet the needs of our brand and private label customers worldwide.

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Amino Acids

Defined as a complete protein, whey protein contains all the essential amino acids in an optimum blend for human consumption. The human body needs amino acids to help grow and repair muscle and connective tissue, synthesize enzymes and provide energy.

Whey protein also contains bioactive components that may offer protection against infections and viruses, enhance immunity and positively affect cardiovascular health and muscle synthesis.

To complement the nutritional benefits, we have created functional attributes in our whey proteins to provide a wide range of uses in food and beverage applications.

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Innovation and

Hilmar collaborates with customers and research partners around the world to unlock the life-changing power of protein. We’re discovering new applications, co-creating highly differentiated products and accelerating innovation processes.

Because Hilmar is one of the largest cheese manufacturers in the industry, we are able to offer ready access to the whey protein products needed to innovate, manufacture products and grow brands. The resilience of our global supply chain makes it easy for us to respond quickly to changes in customer demand, to keep their own supply chains moving productively.

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Concentrating naturally occurring dairy fractions to enable enrichment for nutritional and functional benefits.

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Hydrolyzed whey proteins resulting in peptides and free amino acids that improve absorption into the body.

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Whey proteins created without chemical modifications to provide the desired functionality for product applications.

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Base Proteins

High-quality whey proteins to improve overall health and well-being.

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Lactoferrin is an iron-binding glycoprotein with antimicrobial and antiviral function to enhance immunity.

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We’re driven by a commitment to improve the quality of life for everyone served by our customers in a wide range of markets — including early life nutrition, sports & performance nutrition and healthy living nutrition.

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