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Whey Protein
and Lactose

Hilmar produces a wide range of high-quality, innovative whey protein and lactose ingredients.
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Hilmar supplies companies worldwide with whey protein made from sweet whey. The source of our whey comes from our large-scale cheese manufacturing operations that provide the freshest, highest quality whey stream. We further process the liquid whey, removing much of the water, carbohydrate and minerals through filtration with further processing for fractionation, agglomeration and hydrolysis to produce our wide range of functional and nutritious ingredients.

We partner with our customers — from the most prominent retail brands to start-ups — to refine existing products, create new applications and build great consumer brands.


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Looking for the perfect protein to win customers and build your brands? Hilmar delivers with an expansive variety of protein products made from sweet whey. Discover the unique properties of our highly valuable proteins like isolates, hydrolysates and distinct protein fractions, as well as whey protein concentrates.

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High-quality lactose is separated and purified from our own permeate source derived from the whey stream produced by our cheese manufacturing processes.

With both edible and refined edible lactose, we offer several forms: natural lactose, medium grind lactose, fine grind lactose and extra fine grind lactose.

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We offer a highly accessible team of research scientists who can help you and your team explore new applications and new ingredients to satisfy consumer demands.

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Product Bulletins

Download the latest product bulletins for whey protein and lactose.

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Quality Certifications

We’ve earned an international reputation for exceptional quality and we adhere to all industry standards, including the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and Kosher and Halal guidelines.

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