Hilmar Launches PROtelyze Extend for Bars

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Softer Bars, Extended Shelf Life

Hilmar, CA. July 13, 2023. Hilmar Cheese Company, Inc., is launching a new product aimed at the Sports and Healthy Living nutrition markets. Hilmar PROtelyze™ Extend is a high-quality hydrolyzed whey protein isolate intended for nutrition bars. It boosts protein content while ensuring a desirable texture throughout shelf life.

Consumers are taking health and wellness into their own hands, with higher protein intakes being a driver of this effort. But all proteins are not created equal. A growing number of better-for-you foods are fueled by whey proteins, which are high-quality, readily digestible proteins derived from milk that consumers appreciate for their ability to provide a power boost. Consumption of these proteins is often through nutrition bars due to their convenience and variety of flavors.

“The challenge with all protein bars is that they harden on the shelf. This is because proteins pick up moisture over time,” said Qiqi Peng, Applications Manager at Hilmar. “This impacts consumer experience, shelf life expectations and overall product economics.” Even among whey proteins, there are differences, especially in bars. Mainstream whey protein concentrates and isolates often produce chewier textures, while milk protein concentrates and isolates tend to develop shorter textures. This is one of the reasons why bar innovators use a combination of dairy proteins to achieve the desired texture and mouthfeel.

Hilmar PROtelyze Extend provides a boost in protein content and keeps the bar soft for a longer period of time than bars without it. And the bland flavor does not affect the bar’s sensory attributes. Formulators may also be able to use less Hilmar PROtelyze Extend, combined with a less expensive WPI to achieve the same results with lower costs.

To request a sample of Hilmar PROtelyze Extend click here or contact your Hilmar Sales Manager for more details.

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