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Mild Cheddar & Colby

Subtle flavors with a firm texture for a wide array of options in our most popular cheeses, including white, colored, marbled and reduced fat.

Vintage Cheddar
(for aging)

Medium to sharp flavors designed to be aged for a more distinct taste, available in white or colored cheddar.

Barrel Cheddar
(for processing)

White cheddar packaged in a fiber barrel for further processing, available in a 500 lb. (225 kg) block.

Monterey Jack

Mild and slightly buttery with a firm and slightly open texture with a reduced fat option available.

Pepper Jack

Monterey Jack with a variety of colored hot pepper pieces distributed evenly throughout the cheese. Available with jalapeño or habanero peppers.

Blended Cheeses

Marbled cheeses with two different varieties of cheese featuring unique flavor combinations like Colby-Jack and Cheddar-Muenster.

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