Hilmar 9020

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Clarity and Dispersibility

Providing quick hydration and less foaming, Hilmar 9020 is ideal for RTM drinks — and its excellent heat and acid stability make it a great choice for RTDs too. Additional sports nutrition applications include gels and shots when clarity is desired. Better-for-you healthy living products like gelatin and gummies also benefit from the addition of Hilmar 9020.

Watch the video to see the superior dispersibility properties of Hilmar 9020 firsthand.

Product Info


  • Superior dispersibility
  • Clear in solution
  • Exceptional, clean flavor
  • Heat stable at low pH
  • Acid soluble/stable
  • Low lactose
  • Low fat
  • High digestibility
  • Excellent amino acid profile

Product Applications

  • Clear RTM & RTD beverages
  • Flavored RTD protein water
  • Sports gels and shots
  • Gelatin desserts
  • High-protein gummy chews
  • Healthy aging RTM & RTD beverages
  • Carbonated protein drinks
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