24/7 access to cheese availability and pricing transparency.
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Why connect?

Increased Visibility

Participate in a single global event that combines U.S. and international buyers, providing you the benefit of capturing market information in addition to securing your cheese supply.

Real Time

Navigate the increasing volatility in global cheese markets with real-time demand signals to add to your market insights portfolio every two weeks.

Demand Flexibility

Confidently secure future Hilmar production capacity now with the flexibility to adjust product variety closer to actual production dates so you can meet the unique needs of your customers and business.

Price Discovery

Bid with confidence knowing the transparency of price, time, location and product specifications.

At Your Fingertips

Access offer volume and starting price the Friday before each Tuesday event wherever you are via the desktop or mobile app. We encourage our community to actively engage in this platform, with no fees for participants.

Advanced Features

Can’t join in real time? Leverage the automatic bidding feature to preload your max bid knowing you will not pay more than fair market value up to your max price.

40 lb. (20 kg) block of Hilmar Cheddar cheese
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