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Research Study

Hilmar and a research kennel completed a study to evaluate the effects of Hilmar PROtelyze Pet on canine body composition and the healthful aging of senior Labrador Retrievers. The effect was measured over a 26-week period compared to a control group and a group supplemented with pea protein isolate. The results show that Hilmar PROtelyze Pet performed significantly better than the other two groups in improving the effects of aging.

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Reduced Inflammation

The group supplemented with Hilmar PROtelyze Pet had significantly lower inflammatory levels compared to the control and pea groups. They also produced the highest activity levels during the twice weekly runs for the study period. It would be expected that additional activity during a run would generate more inflammation, however the dogs fed Hilmar PROtelyze Pet showed more recovery in not generating more inflammation when they were tested for gait scores.

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Body Composition

The weight of body fat increased significantly for the control group. The group supplemented with Hilmar PROtelyze Pet was able to better maintain a significantly higher lean body mass and a higher lean-to-fat ratio compared to the control and pea groups from 0 to 26 weeks.

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